Where Have I Been?

I’ve been neglecting this poor blog.

But I’ve neglected her because I’ve been living life in the most extraordinary way.  Traveling, spending time with people I love, yoga, cooking– really living.

Since we spoke last I was in Dallas for the Final Four (and BBQ-duh) –which I cannot find a picture of but I assure you, It was amazing.

My boyfriend Mike and I went to Colorado to see my favorite band play at Red Rocks. Its just as magical as they say.

Red Rocks

Red Rock  

We explored the rockies and experienced the hike up to Hanging Lake


We went to Portugal to Surf

Sunset in Portugal

Sunset in Portugal

Went to my sisters wedding in Gibraltar (photos will come)

And went to Spain for the most delicious food and wine and spectacular scenery.

Scenes from Spain

Scenes from Spain

Perhaps the most exciting of all.. We got a pup.  A german Shepherd named Maverick. He is perfection– just look at those ears.


There have, of course, been bumps along the way but life has been pretty spectacular lately. And I’ve been living in the moment which is easier said than done.

So forgive me poor blog. I didn’t intend to leave you hanging. Im back.




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