I Ran Out of Flour– Banana Bread


What kind of baker runs out of flour?
I’m a little ashamed.
So I had these bananas.

Too ripe for eating, perfect for baking with.
So I decided to throw some banana bread together.
I cream the butter and sugar, mash the bananas and then open my cabinet to grab some flour. I’m out of all purpose flour. How did this happen?
I did have a bunch of options to replace the flour with. My flour collections includes:
Whole wheat
Bread flour
Sorghum flour
Brown rice flour
Buckwheat flour
Millet flour
I think thats all. I like to experiment.

So I chose millet and whole wheat. The flavor of whole wheat is robust as is its texture and millet is pretty much its opposite- light and mellow.
So here it is. The delicious banana bread recipe that was a happy accident.
Adapted from food Networks Banana bread recipe

Whole Wheat Millet Banana Bread
6 T butter (softened)
3/4 cup Dark Brown Sugar
2 eggs
4 bananas, mashed
1.5t cinnamon
1.5t ground ginger
.25t allspice or clove
1t baking soda
1t baking powder
1 t kosher or sea salt
1.5 c whole wheat flour
.5 c millet flour

1. Preheat oven to 325* F. Gerase a 9×5 loaf pan. Or make muffins.
2. Cream the butter and the sugar together. Add the eggs and combine well, stir in the mashed bananas.
3. Combine all dry ingredients, Add into wet mixture and mix till just combined.
4. Dump all the batter into buttered loaf pan and gently smooth the top. Bake for about 1 hour. Let cool for 15-20 Minutes in pan and the turn out onto wire rack to finish cooling before slicing.

You will be left with a nice hearty and moist banana bread that is excellent on its own, with some peanut butter on top or made into french toast.
Or as the end pieces of an ice cream sandwich. Yes please.



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