Things That I Prefer to Cook Without.

At home there are a few things that I prefer to cook without. This is personal preference. Most of the things I’m about to list are highly processed and have natural substitutions that have better and more flavor. So why not just use the simple one? Its common sense.
1. Soybean oil and Canola oil: Why use these when you could use BUTTER. It has more flavor and lets be real guys.. There is no way that those two highly process oils are healthier than good old butter. I also routinely use olive oil and bacon fat as cooking fat.

–One exception to this is frying foods. I fry foods in canola solely for its high smoke point.
2. Corn syrup: I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Corn syrup is in recipes for one of two reasons. 1. For chewiness and moisture. 2. To keep sugars from crystallizing when cooking it to high temps (sugar work). So what you need to replace it is ANY invert sugar. Whats a invert sugar? Sugars that are naturally liquid. So uh…

Agave, maple syrup and honey. Bonus? Flavor. Duh.
Sub 1:1
Also, if crystallization is your concern, add a pinch of cream of tartar or a couple drops of citric acid solution.
3. TEFLON: Why is this a thing? Lets be real, its sketchy as shit and personally I don’t think its safe. You got a scratch on your teflon coated pan? Guess what? You’re eating teflon now. Yum. Use a regular old pan.

“But Megan, things stick to that pan”
Allow me to solve your problem:

Nailed it.
4. Margarine, or any “buttery” spread: For the love of pastries, use butter. It’s flavor is unmatched by any “buttery spread”. Plus hydrogenated oils. Need I say more?

I know that to some of you I sound like Paula Dean. Let’s get real, she over did it. But I do think butter has been villainized because of the moms of the 50s cooking like Paula Dean. Lets let loose a little and have some saturated fats along with our monounsaturated fats and our polyunsaturated fats. They all have their place in our diets and in our cooking.

Are there foods/equipment that you prefer to cook without?



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