Lessons learned from working in a kitchen

Think two projects ahead.

Always think about what you will be doing in the future to help you accomplish each of your tasks most efficiently.


You can get more done than you think you can.

Stay cool.

This one is the hardest for me. Im naturally anxious and get flustered easily. I’ve learned that it makes me slower mentally and physically.

Have a good attitude.

Kitchens are close quarters and attitudes are contagious. No one wants to work with a debbie downer.


You are now part of not just a team but a family. You look out for your family.

Ask questions.

It doesn’t make you look stupid. Doing it wrong and having to do it over again is worse. And it slows you down. Which in case you haven’t noticed.. is no bueno.

Be kind.

The golden rule applies everywhere.

Be curious.

If you don’t want to learn every day, kitchen work is not for you.

Seriously guys. Working with food is amazing.