Kasha tabouli

In the kitchen, I try to experiment.  I try to pick up a new to me ingredient every week or so and make something delicious.  This week, I spotted kasha at Whole Foods bulk bin section. Its the best aisle EVER if you’re looking for a new grain or nut to try. Kasha is just roasted buckwheat groats.  Its nutty, gluten free and has a relatively quick cooking time– about 15 minutes.

Since were having a horrendous heat wave in New England, I knew I wanted to make a cold salad out of it. Best cold salad ever? Tabouli. Easily.

All you’ll need is

1/4-1/2 cup kasha- cook to package directions

1 bunch parsley

1 roma tomato

1/2 a small red onion

salt/ pepper

a few tablespoons of lemon juice

IMG_1159IMG_1156 IMG_1157


Summery and delicious with an extra layer of nutty flavor from the kasha.


Do you try to get creative in the kitchen or do you play it safe?


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