Kasha tabouli

In the kitchen, I try to experiment.  I try to pick up a new to me ingredient every week or so and make something delicious.  This week, I spotted kasha at Whole Foods bulk bin section. Its the best aisle EVER if you’re looking for a new grain or nut to try. Kasha is just roasted buckwheat groats.  Its nutty, gluten free and has a relatively quick cooking time– about 15 minutes.

Since were having a horrendous heat wave in New England, I knew I wanted to make a cold salad out of it. Best cold salad ever? Tabouli. Easily.

All you’ll need is

1/4-1/2 cup kasha- cook to package directions

1 bunch parsley

1 roma tomato

1/2 a small red onion

salt/ pepper

a few tablespoons of lemon juice

IMG_1159IMG_1156 IMG_1157


Summery and delicious with an extra layer of nutty flavor from the kasha.


Do you try to get creative in the kitchen or do you play it safe?



Happy fourth everyone!

Since graduation, I’ve only been working part time, trying to give myself a little break for the summer till I fully immerse myself in the long hot hours of the culinary world. What have I been doing with my time you ask?



Eating mounds of homemade pasta

Exploring boston



I’ve been going on scenic runs


Going to the Stanley cup- still upset about the Bruins.


And drinking subpar margaritas from a bottle at the beach


A break is just what I needed. Being in a kitchen 6 days per week was exhausting.

I love Summertime.